Admin Complaint

This time, it wasn’t just a votekick. This time it was a whole ban.

After a couple of rounds, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who performed exceedingly well was banned, for 1 day it said, including me.

Now, I am not requesting an unban, but I want a review of the admin that banned these players on the tug of war server in PAdesert map only a few minutes before the posting of this thread:

Volatian(or something similar)

All these players were accused of aimbotting through the course, and repeatedly made their arguments. I saw all these players repeatedly miss, make mistakes, and get killed several times. They are simply outstanding players and I will do my best to prove it. I never saw any of them snap to target, get an absolutely ridiculous streak(except rockband15) in the span of a second, or kill someone they seemingly never saw or knew was there.

I would rather the paranoia over aimbotters that has fallen on the regular players does not fall onto the administration. This needs to be resolved.

What server was this?

Tug of war server, as was stated.

Who was the Admin that did this? Do you know?

I didn’t see who exactly banned us, but I think Nanners was on the server.

Hm, I don’t believe Nanners can ban people yet. He’s a guard, not an admin. (which means he’s a trial Admin, to avoid confusion)

Any more details you could provide? This is interesting

I don’t think I can provide any more information. That is all I was able to observe and remember.

I have banned this guy once or twice for aimbotting.

As for who banned all those, I have no idea

Aren’t there logs or anything?

And can these people be unbanned?

hi, thanks for the report. i am looking into this and will get back to you.

HERE HERE! dont take all the credit Andre i think i temp banned him myself… YuP sure of it. MisterSpork on the 23rd. that was a 12 hr ban so it is over. So i was the one who got you first apperantly. I dont know who go you the other times. I dont know the other names you listed or why someone else banned you but apperently they had the same idea that I had.

May I ask, why I was banned? I know it is over, but I just can’t play on a server where I feel like any second I’m gonna be accused of aimbotting and banned. I thought you people had a way of detecting aimbotters.

There are numerous ways that “we” detect or judge a person, for all instances CHEATING. I am not going to sit here and reveal our processes, that would be ignorant. I will tell you that the methods arent failproof/failsafe. Sometimes the accused are misjudged. In your case howerver, I dont believe you were misjudged at all. I am not necessarily saying you were aimbotting, but wallhacking. You, on more than just a few occasions knew where the opposite team were either hiding and knew which corners they were going to come around even when it was NOT the same places. I witnessed you going down a certain direction and immediatly double back the way you came, but only when the opposite team member had shifted directions to come from behind you. The BIG issue is they didnt know where you were, and YOU shouldnt have know where they were due to a long wall. But yet in the end you kill them, turn back around and proceed down the general direction you started off in, except the time when it was closer to go straight to the place where the others were hiding. No. It wasnt a case of mistaken identity by the way. There were other things too taken into account as well, that wasnt all. As for your comment about,“i just cant play on a server where i feel like any second I’m gonna be accused of aimbotting and banned” I am truly sorry you feel that way, but i promise you that there is not a server better than Aloha and “we” take pride in keeping it fun, safe, and hackfree as much as possible. As for you getting banned again i have no clue. But we will see what we can find in the logs to maybe resolve the issue. BTW are you still banned?

I am not still banned, but I would like to make a case for the wallhacking claim.

After playing on that map for some 30 minutes I had learned the patterns people played. One of my main strategies is to learn the patterns and paths people take, as well as listen for sounds. One thing I feel people should exploit more often is the sound of footsteps and digging. The way I found these people is most likely either I remembered that was a common path or I heard their footsteps/digging. I never even knew there were wallhacking programs for AoS.

For example, if I remember correctly on top of the thick wall, there was a trench dug there. I noticed that very often a small group of the same people got up the wall and went through that trench, so every time I went up there I went up a side path and turned, saw the tops of heads, and shot.

Another, I think better example, was at the very edge of the map on blue’s side. There were a couple houses there, and I was there to see if I could cap the point without getting noticed. Then I heard digging, and that is a telltale sign that someone is near me. I tried to get to the source of the sound, and noticed artificial stairs. I went up, dug through the roof, and then proceeded to hunt down the blue.

To summarize, I believe what you perceived as wallhacking was my use of sound and human persistence to track down the enemy.

If you can provide an example that does not apply to my methods detailed above, please inform me and I’m sure I can come up with an explanation. I despise cheating in every way, and feel it sucks the fun out of any game. I can assure you that I have, and will never, use any hack, and in fact publicly show this hatred of hacking on servers where someone is proven to be performing the action.

Somehow, this ArcSin got a password for full admin, and decided to login with it and abuse his powers.

Listen idiot, im done talking to you, comprende?? you cant dig in last team standing, nor can you build. Im going to put it very clear, Next time you will be permabanned by me and it wont be removed end of story.

When did I insult you? And I wasn’t on last team standing. This was on tug of war. As was stated, many times previously.

Can you please stop being so irritable. I’m not trying to be irritating. I am not saying you are a bad admin. I’m sorry, but stop treating me like a f***ing asshole. I never insulted you directly, called you anything, or did anything else I would think would aggravate you. I’m sorry, but even though you are an admin, you can’t go and treat me poorly and threaten me when I have done nothing to aggravate you.

Well, My APOLOGIES, i guess this is the Mister spork i was talking about sorry it wasnt you. It Happens you know, people with the same name kinda comfusing sometimes

MoJo, I do believe that he meant the specific incident/example that he cited was on TOW.
Most players don’t just stick to one server, ya know.

I’m not going to lie, I can see where Misterspork is coming from.
I have noise-isolating earphones, and occasionally I would play with them on high volume.
The result is being able to hear…well everything. The game is stereo, but not surround sound; still, I’m usually able to track the source of footsteps/spades/reloads in a matter of seconds.

Given that I was unable to personally witness the situation, I can’t make a good judgment call on this.
However, if you were able to head straight for places where people are hiding, AND they weren’t making a sound…sorry, but I’m going to stand with MoJo on that one.

One last thing: MoJo, he didn’t really insult you. He was making an argument in his defense. Don’t take umbrage at that.

What I said still applies. I remember common paths, and listen for footsteps. My headphones and my memory are my weapons. I follow the same path every time and remember what path other people take, or I notice where people would possibly camp. Then when I follow the path again I ready my gun and point at the same place and fire, because I know most of the time the same person will be there.

I’m sorry, I am still not a wallhacker. I simply take advantage of the resources given to me, and the way people follow patterns.

An example from the Last Team Standing server I was banned on:
On a certain map, I forget which, I would go forward then take a right, and behind a couple blocks someone always crouched right in the center with guys standing behind him. I would ready my SMG, turn the corner, and fire without looking. I would sometimes die, but most of the time I make it because they are not expecting me. They eventually got what I was doing and DID THE EXACT SAME THING. They would immediately fire because they EXPECT ME.

Maybe if you’d notice that the first time I play a map and a couple rounds after I die pretty quickly. Then after a couple rounds I get kill after kill, because I have MEMORIZED, and am EXPECTING where the other players will be, and they don’t expect where I will be, because they haven’t MEMORIZED my pattern, because they are not trying to.

Now drop it. Stop accusing me with no grounds. You will get nowhere.

BTW, the reason I have suddenly changed my tone is because you have constantly and consistently treated me like an asshole, and I will treat you in turn.

I’m not just talking about sounds. I also mentioned memorizing patterns. I’m sure you’ve done it before. You memorize the pattern of a person that always takes the same path and exploit that. This is how I know where people are. I usually don’t have this advantage the first couple of rounds I play a map the first time. Then I recognize patterns. I have a mind that likes patterns, and has a good memory. These are my main weapons. Without these I am helpless.