admin abuse

Time : 2:28PM GMT+1

admin abused his power to switch me in spectator team, I was first back then :v unfair admin abuse

The command /switch shows a message in chat, something like “Deuce switched teams”. I’ve checked the logs and didn’t see any message like that.
Are you sure you didn’t change team by yourself?

No one issued the command, so I’m going to assume it was you, or some kind of ultra rare bug.

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I swear to God that i’ve seen the message you are talking about Fallen, that isnt showing in my log either but it appeared just before I typed “wtf I didnt” (answering to this blue message in the chat : “HACKERPablo switched team”)

the server logs disagree

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How do you check the chatlogs?

Very helpful information, Striker, very much usefull.

modloader allows me to
my logs disagree too muffin but Im 100% sure that Ive seen this message, thats not a kind of vague impression thats a fact

irc and server logs both show that you were not the target of any admin command. as caprex said, either you did it somehow without noticing or it was a bug that none of us have ever seen before

lets say thats a bug, cause im 200% sure that I didnt do it because the blue message announcing an admin command said HACKERPablo changed team
That would have been stupid to do it by myself and then come here to complain im sure that either someone did it or thats a bug

If you look at your logs, it doesn’t show that at all. Lmao.

it was me sorry
i switched you back to blue now

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i may be wrong but
user switch teams: * changed teams
admin command: * switched teams

Monstarules : I know, I did say it earlier

shywolf : i don’t know if you’re right but i’m sure that the message wasn’t User switched team :v