Adding a Kraken server

I just played the kraken gamemode last night, and I loved it! Why can’t aloha have a kraken server? It seems like it would be fun for a lot of people. I know that the script is available on hompy’s scripts stuff.

IIRC, that script is extremely unstable and often crashes. Did Hompy update it or something?

Played it quite a while since supercoolbuild hosted a kraken, it seems quite stable with a few minor bugs here and there. Might wanna remove some stuff such as thunder, which could be laggy

Played it on JohnRambozo’s server. Its real good now.


barring the grammar issues…

Seems to work fairly well on JohnRambozo’s server.

We should do this!

Yes. Immediately fetch teh izzy.

It was very unstable and buggy when it came out. I played again a few months ago on rakiru’s server and a few others that hosted it and it was still buggy. I pretty much had to empty all my smg ammo on it and and it still lived. Rifle and shotty are useless on it and spade is only good for the arms.

The shotgun launches a grenade. It’s quite effective, if a long reload.

I didn’t have any problems defeating the Kraken, except for one match where the Kraken won inexplicably.

I suggest everyone who’s stating an opinion on this first try out the latest version here:

Yeah, seriously try it. Its awesome!

i tried it and yea it is fun

i dont know the ‘rules’ exactly but at one point i got dragged away by invisible tentacles, looks still a bit buggy to me.

Invisible tentacles occur when someone destroys part of a tentacle without killing it.

These days only bug i saw that in one map kraken appeares on ground, not in water.
Yarr! Timber me shivers! It’s a fun game mode.

maybe intentional? So lets add this server guise!

Kraken is great. It’s not a difficult GM to get your head around and idk about buggy but it’s a lot of fun. I’d be excited to see this hosted on Aloha and JohnRambozo is staff here so we should talk to him or Hompy about installing a Kraken server.

However my only concern is that might look competitive of us to host it since supercoolbuild has had it for a long time, but I think it would make a great addition to our already teeming server list.

i like kraken server argggggggg!!