Add end-of-match spade arena to arena server

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One of my least favorite aspects of arena is waiting an entire minute for the last few players to camp and wait for the match to automatically end. I think it’d be cool to teleport all remaining players into an arena in the corner of the map and have them battle it out with spades only. Guns/grenades would be disabled. Whoever is last standing wins a point for their team!

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So after x minutes of gameplay (without a team winning), the game would automatically teleport the remaining players into a small sized arena in the corner of the map. A script would handle this logic along with automatically building the arena at the start of the game. We could also have multiple arenas for the script to randomly choose and build. We’d need the script to flood the chat with alerts that guns/nades won’t do any damage.

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An example of what one of the spade arenas could be.

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We’ve discussed this in the staff chat before. Iirc @Darion and @Danke deserve credit.


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