add damage to all water on pinpoint?

13:32:06 I think you should add water damage to pinpoint map their is to many water campers

right now you take water damage only if you go too far away from the platform. should we change it so that all water damages you even if you’re right next to the platform?

No,sometimes the only way around a barrier on pinpoint is through the water.Water campers are also easy to spot and kill.Water camping can also easy be solved in game by placing walls.

This is one of the reasons I hate Goon Haven. I say no, I prefer that players have as much freedom as possible.

yes i agree with the rest, sometimes you need it so leave it please

No, camping is perfectly acceptable and water damage is unrealistic.

Yeah, I’d prefer no water damage. Pinpoint would be difficult to navigate otherwise, and very restrictive.

Heck yea!!! ;D

Not if you imagine it being acid :wink:

but I agree, water damage is a bit lame. It’s a part of the game to stay in the water, and as already said it has the huge disadvantage of lack of cover already.

Actually, the water at pinpoint reminds me of Kool Aid. When first came to pinpoint, I thought the water was glitched to be red. :stuck_out_tongue:

No water damage.

now that i think about it, no water damage would be nice :slight_smile:

Yes, and no.

For R1CTF, yes. It’s really annoying having those campers hiding within the water, picking people off 1 by 1.

On the other side, falling off is very probably. So many times do I lag and fall into the water. Very annoying when you have low hp and die.

Not to mention, I have joined matches where people have placed the intel so far, with water damage, it’s impossible to take it, and bring it back without dying. So honestly, it’d be a hard choice.

An airstrike on pinpoint would wipe out any structure on any side (or terribly damage them).

You can add water damage if u make a bigger map, pinpoint is too small, ometimes people just fall into the water and they die :frowning:

…wait are you guys serious?

  1. The water damage doesn’t initiate until 2.5 coordinates away or so. There’s no way you’d “fall in” and die accidentally.
  2. Pros: stops watercamping. Cons: Unable to tactically maneuver around and hit enemies from back (good old pinpoint).

Suggested compromise:

  1. Keep current damage on/off line, but don’t initiate it immediately.
  2. Only initiate damage if the person hasn’t changed coordinates in the past minute.
  3. Increase damage from 1 per second to 5 per second.
  4. Fix that bug where if someone’s completely still and not doing any actions, no poison occurs.


  1. Discourages people from camping.
  2. Allows people who actually want to move around the map to move around the map.
  3. Prevents people from going to A1/A8/H1/H8 and standing there with the intel.

No water damage at all could cause some pretty big issues in my opinion.

Water damage on the outer edges (such as it is now) is good, but I’m sure there is better.

Perhaps have a 1 block border all around the map, and you have to wade through the deadly water to get to it. (With water damage on all parts of water except perhaps the cords closest to the actually pinpoint landmass), this way you’re almost dead by the time you get there, removes camping, and allows strategic gameplay.

| = 1 block thick along the walls
O = ‘acid’ water
D = safe water


Kinda a visualization.

I think no water damage is better because camping will toughen the game and it’s used in warfare, so it’s perfectly acceptable.

  1. When lagging, usually it’s something that updated at strange times. You could easily be holding down w, fall and keep walking, leading to death.

Happens all the time, especially when rushing.

Pinpoint is actually the perfect size for its intended purpose.

Very good plan.