AcornSpades and Naz's new arena map

Map Name: Cuchav1 (A random name by Nazaha)

What is this map?

This map is basically an maze arena map, which has two mazes at both spawns (Blue and Green). All of the guns work well on this map, especially the shotgun. Check out the map address further down the thread to have a go on the map. One thing which came across to me in the earlier versions of this map (they weren’t released, just for people to test), is that most people were getting lost in the mazes. Therefore, I’ve added red and orange guide markers to help you get out of the maze to the battle areas (Colours depending on whatever team you are on).



Blue Spawn:

Green Spawn:

Grid Map

Top View

Some helpers which helped fix stuff:
(Some of the Komrades, forgot their full names)
If I missed you out, let me know.

Want to try this map out? Address: aos://3756492886:32887
I shall be leaving this server up for a while with this map on so that you can all check it out, post your opinions on it, etc.




Nice :slight_smile: It looks cool.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t really like it. The combat is to close quarters, there isn’t much room for maneuvering.

It’s more of a race than a fight. It’s who gets out of the gate first rather than who has more skill. Also the colors give me a headache.

yea, i played with hobohob…
i would like the map more if there was some more cover. and the walls were you have to go trough first is not really fun…

Thanks for your suggestions!

I also had the opportunity to play with a few people here.

This map, honestly, isn’t the greatest and could use more work. First off, the maze in the beginning is unnecessary. Once you learn the route it serves as no purpose, but really a race. It also gives the option for players to camp in spawn and ruin the fun for most people. Then, at least when you’re on green, you can’t walk to the gates without having to be spawned further back. Another unnecessary addition. It’s something to fix.

Now I do love the colors used and once you get out of the maze it isn’t too bad. I would like to see a new improved version though. Definitively has some potential.

Thank you for your feedback.

I’ll get to work on this quite soon,