Ace of Spades

Possible source

source.txt (5.09 MB)

Yep, that looks like it. Good luck recompiling it though, looks like your decompiler assumes imports aren’t relocated.
Also, it’s really hard to read, for example, is the same function as

Got excited there for a second, but looks like it’s just decompiled :confused:

Either way, we couldn’t use it since Jagex would have copyright on it.

Might be handy for reference though, especially if somebody gives all the functions good names etc.

I suspect that more than one forum member has the complete original source code tucked away on HD.
However, as indicated above, any use of this source code would lead to death by Jägex.
My best hope is that someone can entice MuffinTastic into continuing work on the MuffinSpades client.
That client looked really promising, and once parity with 0.76 is reached, there are tons of possible further developments to consider.