Ace of Spades: Tower of Babel

The tower of babel gamemode provides a fresh spin on the CTF experience! In this gamemode, both teams battle to build their way to a platform in the sky where the single intel sits.

Destroy the enemy’s tower while your team builds to the intel!


  1. Whoever controls the heaven platform controls the intel! Bring the intel to your team’s tent 10 times to win the game!
  2. Players can earn a babel apocalypse ingame, which will unleash a flurry of lightning and grenades upon the enemy team.
  3. Builders who place 1000 blocks onto their teams tower will unlock the /heaven command, which can be used to change how the platform heaven looks.
  4. Storm the enemy base to stop them from building their tower!
  5. Protect your builders from the enemy team!


Teamwork is the key to winning babel! Build the most epic towers with your friends and coordinate its defense.