Ace of Spades servers down for now, to return next week

before the AoS servers went down i had a plan to move them to a new dedi with a different provider, but that provider ran out of stock and was taking too long to process my request. reliability is my top priority, so i’m using this downtime as an opportunity to setup a better long-term solution. i decided to colo a server that has just been sitting in my closet rather than rent a less powerful server for more money. the AoS servers will be up as soon as it goes online, most likely early next week.

Oh, how I have missed the Aloha servers. Can’t wait 'till they’re back online :slight_smile:

Hi when is Aloha Hallway going to be back? I miss it so much. Please reply and thank you :slight_smile:

hey guys thanks for replying, i shipped the server out today so it should arrive in Vegas on Thursday and everything should be up by Friday at the latest… Hawaii time ;D