Ace of Spades servers back online

back again,
the Ace of Spades servers are back,
tell a friend.

now located in Las Vegas, NV, USA. please let me know if you experience any lag issues.

yeah atm it lags like a roadkill donkey on R1CTF! everybody is complaining about lag and even i cant go 5 steps without being teleported back 4 steps…

i just connected to the server, didn’t experience any lag. are you still having this problem?

Izzy, I was having the same problem :\

well for me the lag is gone but as i said (in pm) R1CTF still needs a “full” time Admin and i only have school to worry about. and when im in school most americans sleep coz i live in sweden :slight_smile:

when alex? how long did it last? was your ping abnormally high? is the problem gone now?

I’ve been on hallway about 3 times since it has come back. It lagged a lot on my second go. I think my ping was normal though. But I think it has been fixed. Ill check it out again soon. It was a few days ago

:slight_smile: Kool website