Ace of Spades: Pinpoint 24/7

Sometimes a map is so legendary that it deserves its own server.

The pinpoint server provides a nostalgic experience on a classic map. Both teams battle over a single intel on the completely symmetrical map, which creates thrilling battles and stalemates. The simple design of the map lets the key aspects of AoS shine.


  • Fight over map control. Whoever controls the middle of the map controls the intel.

  • Build your own defenses- you’ll find no cover on pinpoint!

  • Fight over defenses to control and advance on enemy territory!

  • Capturing the intel 10 times will send everyone back to their spawns. The map won’t reset or get modified by this.

  • Aim is the key on this barebones server. Make sure to shoot consistently and precisely on the enemy to strike them down!



The players on pinpoint sometimes find peace and transform the map into a work of art. Enjoy time with friends and use the never-ending map to build together!