Ace of Spades info

this is a fun little free game similar to Minecraft but with guns and a capture the flag mode that supports up to 32 players. build defensive forts to protect your team’s flag, dig secret tunnels, shoot down enemies, destroy enemy forts, and capture the enemy’s flag! it’s still in early development so who knows what else is to come. beta 0.33 was released today, look for the “aloha beta” server when you play!

official site:

source for above pics and positive review about the game:

we built a pyramid today only to watch it get griefed 2 mins later lol

Ahhhh the old version .25 ::slight_smile:

Back when everyone was Deuces, spades were spades and pickaxes were pickaxes (instead of the Chinese military shovel).

Also, only the rifle, and no bullet tracing.

What was the pick used for and what was the spade used for to?

Pick was used for destroying one blocks spade was used for destroying 3.

The pick needed 3 hits per block, whereas the spade needs only 1. Furthermore, the pick swung faster than spade.

Similar to left and right click of the spade these days.

Also, you can melee with the pick but not the spade. Still a 1HKO.
I heard some things about reflecting/smacking away grenades with the spade but I’ve never gotten it to work or even seen it in action.

Ah okay.