Ace of Spades: Hallway 24/7 TDM-R1CTF

Sometimes a map is so legendary that it deserves its own server.

The hallway server provides a nostalgic experience on one of the most classic AoS maps. The gamemode, however, is a spin on the original CTF experience. The 1 intel for both teams to fight over is positioned in the middle of the map between the massive walls of the hallway.


  • There are two different ways to win in the TDM-R1CTF gamemode.

  • The TDM aspect allows a team to win by simply reaching the kill limit.

  • The R1CTF aspect allows a team to score a point by reverse capturing the intel. This means you have to return the intel to the ENEMY tent!

  • The intel gets reset to the middle of the map if it is dropped.