Ace of Spades Classic lives on at

danhezee, StackOverflow, and i are pleased to announce that has opened its independent master server for Ace of Spades Classic to the public, which allows players to find live playable servers for the free version of the game. now that the official master server is down, is your go-to portal for everything Ace of Spades Classic! is a player-run community for the free and highly addictive game known as Ace of Spades. login at to play the game, interact with fellow players, and create/share/experience customizations including, but not limited to, the guns you shoot, maps you explore, game modes you play, and servers you connect to or host yourself. it’s all 100% free!

Woooooooooooo Yea!!!Go Build and Shoot!!


WOO!!! Let the non-Jagex community officially begin!!

I am unable to see the tower of babel server on the server list of Buildandshoot.

The irony here is, if you’re on, why bother going to to play on aloha servers?
We have a sidebar that literally lists all our servers along with serverlinks. Use it!

I do use the sidebar whenever I’m on the site, but if the live status is accurate then there is only one player on the babel server.

Sometimes on aloha servers are empty so I sometimes tend to go on Minit-US Assault.Buut I could just use the Minit Forums site.

No classes, original weapons… YEEEAAAA!
Izzy, i love you :'3

Im happy old and good AOC isn’t dead!

bought AoS from jagex.
don’t work on my computer. O.o

Same Here.
I have a custom built gaming desktop with 16 GB of RAM and a good graphics card and jagex’s AoS was way to slow for me.

It must be your internet speed then.

Could be. not sure how fast my internet speed is.

This game may be an oldy, but still a goody, long live the old AoS!!!

The server list does not give enough information I want when choosing a server to play on. For example the player count, say I wanted to play on all maps, I join it not knowing how many playering are in the server, shortly after I find out I’m alone.

Yay, the old ace of spades we know and love lives on!

                                             Pretty much why the live status links are there. Also, I don't have wifi or my laptop with me but my phone has service so I may be active on the forums.

Basically what Jagex said (They didn’t say these exact words but they pretty much were telling this person) to someone else is that you need a super computer and need to live in Europe to run 1.0 without lag. It’s not like Classic AoS where it could run on your grandmother’s rig.

Funny. We have all the servers worth playing on the sidebar of the home screen :slight_smile:

And in addition to the previous post:
The way I see it, if the Classic is better than the newer version, just use the Classic. It’s also less laggy :smiley: