Ace of Spades "Classic" Archived <.75 Installers


Developed by Ben Aksoy in 2011, the original standalone version of Ace of Spades is considered the “classic” client!
This topic serves as an archive for all of the versions leading up to .75
These versions are only compatible with matching-versioned servers that are run!
If you are looking for a client to play on up-to-date servers, these are not it.


These clients are highly recommended for low-end PCs. It can probably run on your grandmother’s toaster, tbh.

Each of these versions are slightly different. More and more features were added with each version.

Where these clients lacks in graphics, they make up for in performance, simplicity, and fluidity.





aos01install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos021install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos022install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos026install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos030install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos031install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos032install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos033install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos035install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos036install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos040install.msi (4.2 MB)
aos041install.msi (4.2 MB)
aos042install.msi (4.2 MB)
aos046install.msi (4.2 MB)
aos047install.msi (4.2 MB)
aos048install.msi (4.3 MB)
aos049install.msi (4.3 MB)
aos050install.msi (4.3 MB)
aos051install.msi (4.3 MB)
aos053RC5install.msi (3.1 MB)
aos054install.msi (3.1 MB)
aos058install.msi (3.3 MB)
aos060install.msi (3.4 MB)
aos061install.msi (3.7 MB)
aos061install_TC4.msi (3.7 MB)
aos062install.msi (5.3 MB)
aos070install.msi (7.7 MB)

Available for:
Operating Systems

Download instructions:
Click the .msi link above to download the installer.
Install to your C:/ drive (recommended). This should create an Ace of Spades folder.

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