Ace of Spades: 1v1 Arena


The 1v1 gamemode provides a down to the wire arena experience! Opponents can face off in any of the sixteen custom-built sectors of the 1v1 map.

Use your nades, building, gun, or spade to gain the upper hand on your opponent to win the most matches!


  1. Open the map to see which one of the 16 maps you’d like to play on.
  2. Use command /join [sector number] to join a sector. Ex: /join 6
  3. Use command /invite [player] to invite your opponent to the sector. Ex: /invite #1
  4. Use /accept [sector number] to join a sector you’ve been invited to. Ex: /accept 6
  5. Use /start to begin the duel.

The gamemode automates each round to give a fair fight for both opponents. The gamemode will count down the round, keep track of the score, clear any player-builds after each round, and more!


The 1v1 map has a catwalk system to allow players to get a bird’s eye view of all sixteen sectors.

You can either walk out of the waiting area or use the command /spectate [sector number] to teleport to a specific sector and enjoy the view of the match below!


After the match, you can join our discord server and look in the channel labelled “#1v1-results” to find the match results. An example of the formatted results:

"DarioN wiped the floor with FerrariFlunker on nuketown by a score of 5-3. Try using your gun next time, FerrariFlunker."

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