Ace of Spades 1.x gameplay video revealed in interview

actual in-game footage from Ace of Spades 1.x was revealed in a interview with Robert Kinder from Jagex:

We chat again with the folks frrom Jagex. This time about their upcoming shooter, Ace of Spades. A shooter unlike any you’ve seen before.

click the link below to watch the full interview:



Does anyone know if they will still have the Babel gamemode in 1.0?
I can’t imagine it at all, especially after i saw what heavy damage those missile launcher and dynamite things do to blocks in this video.

maybe. depends if Jagex allows custom scripts . also, i was wondering about mods, like sights and gun skins. etc

most likely good gamemodes that we are used to like babel and arena will be scrapped.
as for mods, server scripts, and maps, that has all been scrapped for the initial release of the game. Jagex has talked about moving modding to Steam workshop so Slab6 and your mapmaking tools will be rendered useless.

Even if babel was allowed, that drill gun will destroy the tower in a second.

1.0 will be a griefer’s paradise.

Rocket launcher
Drill Launcher


That thought sends chills down my spine. Bad chills.

Still, that aside - the game looks muuuuch better in this video than in those screenshots we’ve been handed in the past few weeks, I’ll admit. I also like hearing about the plans to make the game one that can run on a computer with low specs like mine.

But any lack of Babel means my interest is already shot, haha.

there will be babel.

according to Sally the gameplay footage is apparently “already classed as old.”

interesting, very interesting. chances are though, I might not end up buying it.


I like making Personal mods with Slab6 Its so easy the conrtols.

Wow those blocks were gone quick. like said before it looks like a griefers paradise. blocks are destroyed WAY too easily and all the extra crap theyre adding is taking away from the simplicity of the game and screwing it all up.

They graphics looks too OCD and that scope is definately weird :stuck_out_tongue: just my opinion

i think babel is gone. And even if i want to play 1.0 i cant because i cant buy it. :’(

All the people claiming that Babel is gone…
If you look a little bit closer in the screenshots, i’m pretty sure that you’ll notice that people are playing the Babel game mode.
inb4 photoshop’d

I guess it now depends on how they chose to improve the building and stabilization abilities.
Since also according to this video, destructive powers have been improved quite alot

Removing 3x3 blocks with the “super spade”, lol.
Playing Babel would definitely have a different feel to it, i hope it all works out.

facepalm Jagex

It would be nice if they limited the number of miners per team.

I am definitely a miner

$9.99 … NOPE! :’( damn you Jagex