haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everybody
I’ve been working on this project for quite a long time (more like two days). The bots name is |Ace|Bot. I test everything in channel #AceBotProductions and soon when I add major commands I will make a website! I have already made it request able so feel free to drop by the channel and follow what it says!
There are some bugs with the request command so it doesn’t work, but if you say it I will see it as it will be logged and I will head over to your channel and add it. Current commands are: <|Ace|Bot>Current commands are: !information, !highlight, !stormbros, !help, !commands, !banned, !report, Ferrari, #Money, #RD [#1-9] [#1-9], !calc [Insert Numbers you want to calculate, and !request AceBot #Channel. Hope that helps!

again the request command is broken and if anyone who can help me its Monsta. He’s a great coder with amazing skills and I pity him for that. Ace applause.

I’m taking requests for commands, feel free to tell me one and I might add it!

Monstarules: my code is on *:TEXT: !request |Ace|Bot $chan { msg $chan $nick Your request has been ACCEPTED. Please wait until Acetheking see’s your request and adds the bot to your channel, this process can take upto 48 hours, do not expect it to be there before that. }
Without and with $nick it doesn’t work, any idea why? Note: this is not the exact code I wrote it’s just what I thought I wrote because I’m not on PC at the moment. When I do get on PC I will make sure to copy & paste my code.

Thanks, Ace da king.

No one cares :’(

You missed.

yeah i know.

Are you planning on fixing it… because you still haven’t lol.

No lol