Aloha gents,

I’m a regular player on aloha 24/7 pinpoint and feel I that a new admin called FC overstepped his power. He tried to force me to change my name and banned me when I didn’t. I have been playing pinpoint for several months and enjoy it quite a bit. Please remove my ban and perhaps tell this FC fellow to focus on the griefers rather than obsess about people’s names.


Your name is rather offensive. I would have banned you myself.

Offensive? No not at all, Its not being directed toward anybody. Its fine, a penis is part of the human body and you should apreachiate it, because God created it for you. Not bash on it. People think its bad but instead they just don’t understand its fine. Its a beautiful piece that God created for us. Its fine!

Yes but God didn’t intend for us to show it off.

How do you know?

That’s a rather silly thing to get offended about.
It seems the more delicate minded among us are always looking for things from which to take offense.
Fortunately you’re not an admin, nor are there any rules about names on aloha servers.

Not that you’ll find it terribly relevant, since I’m sure fragile sensibilities will continue to send you into spasms of consternation, but my name means “tail” in latin.

That is all. You may continue with your moral outrage of-the-day.

The only thing I got against you os chronic watercamping, but that’s besides the point.
I’ve never seen any admin with that name…I’ll look into it as well.

If God didn’t want me to strut around nude he would have had me grow fur.


thank you sir!

Enough with this God Stuff, listen dude your name is offensive.
It was dealt with and NF didn’t hand out the ban, next time change your name for you won’t have to deal with it

If you want to go the bible way then let me pull mine out and show you how immature what you’ve done.

Although I think you should have been warned for the name and been given a chance to change it, sometimes admins don’t always have time to check if that person rejoins with the same name.

It’s only offensive if you’re a big baby.

It’s not against the rules.

i don’t see why your name should prevent you from playing on the servers

your IP has been unbanned

if there’s more to the story do tell

it’s about as offensive as “doing your mom”, “hitler”, and “incest”, all of which I have seen on the servers…

stop b*tching about it -_-


It doesn’t offend me, but it may offend others. That ‘may’ is the force of action.

I didn’t ban you, but I feel like I have warned you before, obviously no help ignoring that.

the reason why most admins ban people with offensive names such as “penis” “hitler” or more recently “joseph kony” is because:

A: it causes disruption amongst players (eg. “oh look joseph kony is playing. /votekick kony (stop using kids as soldiers)”
B: most people with offensive names cause disruption in game with the form of griefing or hacking. i’ve encountered a player with the name joseph kony who constantly attempted to grief the whole game

although your name doesn’t offend all people (doesn’t offend me), what is the reason for you to have yourself stick out by making your name something obscure or of a person who is offensive? it only causes problems and doesn’t really do anything good to yourself.

I’m picky!

lol when i see names like that, i just say: oh wow, noobs who try to troll people. DIE!

Penis and I were good friends and I believe penis has a right to have a name,you can’t just force players to change name that is like disrespecting the other player and thinking you are the leader of all.