Abusive Admin

I am on the pinpoint server and an admin named “Reki” is there.He let the griefer to be votekicked freely by players then i said “he still have some rights” which means he has still rights to play the game and change his attitude.

After that,he teased all the players and me so hard and pretending to be the owner of the server.

-Please kindly comment below if you can demote him to FOB.

Basically, FOB means “New Member”, HAOLE means “Member”, and LOCAL means “Active Member”. Just because Reki has “Haole” over his/her name does not mean that he/she is an Admin. But in this case, Reki is an Admin. Izzy will most likely check the logs on the IRC, and will discover if you’re lying or not.


I’m sorry if I caused you to feel that way Yokai. However, please know that my intentions were never meant to be malicious or abusive.
I’ll now try to address your points.

  1. He let the griefer to be votekicked freely.
    This is weird; I’m for the votekick but I actually don’t.
    From observing PXYC and Froelich131, the SOP seems to be cancel the votekick, warn the player, then stop-building them.
    I try to religiously follow this procedure.
    However, personally, I’m against cancelling votekicks. If you were on pinpoint today, you would’ve noticed that I allowed votekicks to keep going despite stopping the griefers from building.

  2. Said “he still have some rights”
    I’m pretty sure you remembered incorrectly, I think i said [u]I[/u] had some rights.
    That comment was a reply to someone asking me if I were admin.
    I said that I wasn’t; however, I was a guard and thus “still had some rights”.
    AKA I could mute or stop griefers, but I can’t kick them or teleport players around.

If I actually DID say “he still had some rights”, that was true.
I stop people from building, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play legitimately. He can still shoot and talk.
Thus, “he still had some rights”.
When a griefer REALLY gets out of line, I would intervene and stop him from (team)killing or chatspamming as well.
That’s what I meant.

  1. Teasing all the players.
    I don’t recall having ever done any of that.
    An exception might be my teasing stan, since I actually know the player IRL.
    In fact, I got stan to play in the first place…I was just messing with him.

You are, however, not the first person to accuse me of teasing the players.
This might just be how I talk in general, except people didn’t pay attention to me much.
In fact, I started playing this game alot more these days, so lots of players now recognize me (and vice versa).
I would imagine some “teasing” to be quite the norm between acquaintances, yes?

If, however, whatever I said offended anybody, I’ll formally apologize here.
Please accept my apologies.

  1. Pretending to be the owner of the server.
    I am positive that I have NEVER done that.
    I may have made some comments which insinuated that I know how the server worked (map/server resets, admin system, etc) but this was all knowledge I garnered from other players or from the forum.

With that said, I’ll watch my words from now on. I said this in the game as well: It’s been said that people get drunk with power. I’ll try my best to not fall into said category.

Thank you.

Having played with REKI I can assure you he is not like that at all.

I have found him to be a nice player.

Oh man I remember this…this was when I first became a guard.
Good times.