Here is a list of the known cheats that frequent this server and ruin the game play.





Well, these are the ones just in the past couple of weeks. I’ll keep it going if I catch more of them.
Thanks for the help. Low Res

ps. I tried posting these with some pic attachments for my screen captures of their cheat scores, but it didn’t work. Is there a proper file format (ie. jpg) to use or is it just about file size?


thanks, banned all except OTCKOKTheS1lence

can’t find any traces of him, checked logs since 6/14

any idea what the date was when he was on?

in the future it will help a lot if you report them the same day or include the date of occurrence

regarding attachments, the only limit is 50MB per attachment. there shouldn’t be any extension restrictions. what is the error message?

Thanks for the bans and file info.

I apologize for the Otckok guy. I sometimes forget to run Fraps and just write down the names. I couldn’t find a corresponding screen shot for him so I just assumed since the name was more recent on my written list, but he might be from another server. My bad on that. I’ll work to keep the Aloha server screen captures seperate from now on.

As for the error message, that was something like a security restriction if I remember correctly. I should have screen captured that also. If it happens again, I’ll also include the date of the cheater screen shot files so you don’t have to look back in the logs needlessly.

Thanks again for your help. Low Res.

Griefing player CC-2224_Cody. Coulding find a cheat stat for him on the cheat site. But here is his BBC2 stats.
P-Stats - Player Stats Network

He was team killing vehicles and ruined the game play for the opposing team. They had a significant lead and then it got ruined by him. I have a screen capture of his bragging about not being able to ban him in time to matter for that match. But, as long as he gets what he wants… Please ban him.

Thanks again for helping keep jerks like this out of you server. Low Res.


Cody is still griefing while in a new match as of 7:27pm Tokyo time 6/30/2011, but I have video of him now.

If it’s necessary to try and attach let me know. Thanks. Low Res

banned, thanks

more griefing from another chump.


There is apparently no stats for him. griefing by killing vehicles and such. landing vehicles onto the AA gun in RU ontop of people to kill them.

Please Ban. Thanks. Low Res

Here is another cheat, who was playing the evening of 7/16 about 6pm tokyo time.

Acip http://www.team-des-fra.fr/html/cheat-analysis.php?p=acip

Definately not a hard one to spot when playing against him. Cheers.

banned Acip but can’t find any record of kily2010, checked logs from 6/30 to 7/3. are you sure that’s his name?

Wow, sorry for the late response to kily2010. The jpeg I took for a screen shot on the July 3rd was made at 12:39pm. I’ll try to upload a cropped version of it where I circled his name. I hope that helps.

Also, drivenick has been griefing tonight as of 9:45-ish tokyo time. 8/2/2011.

He was C4 blowing up team helo’s as they flew off and blocking the pad for respawn… general griefing stuff. Plenty of team players were upset with him, and I warned him, but he kept doing it into the next match. So hopefully I don’t have to play with him again.


Thanks for the help with these guys. -Low Res

ps. not sure what “insert image” button is supposed to do, but it only places a code title

into the bottom of the note. Can’t find a way to “attach” a file to the note. Sorry, I guess I don’t know how to do this.


8/6/2011 11pm-12am-ish Tokyo time.
Someone to check on who has “too good to be true” sniper skill. He was bragging that it just takes mastery of the weapons and good hand control. he’s already in the level 40 and his cheat meter level indicates he was 6.8% at level 36. So I’m sure that’s an old calculation.

he was getting mostly headshots on a regular basis, and ended the game with a 29/6 k/d ratio. After calling him out on several sniper shots while I was moving, he tried to say he “played fair,” but eventually started bragging about his headshot skills. His ping was typically over 150 and spiked at times into the 300’s. So he had lag and was getting kills with it at distance. If he’s just that good I’d be surprised, but I think he knows how to hide the high scoring of a hack to not be noticed too often.

There had been another hacker in the game also, so between the two of them, they had offset the game substantially, going from losing to winning in a short period of time.

The other one was hahagas and he is only level 18. He was getting sniper shots into the helo cockpits from A to B sites, and beyond. Another good player who is also a regular noticed this after getting killed twice from him in the helo. Hahagas was getting lots of high points from his long distance kills so they were probably a lot of headshots. He had high score before leaving after I called him on his hack. His k/d ratio then was 24/13 with a 4151 high score. He was also able to find & kill me in the bushes rather easily after I had flanked them a few times near A when he was using only iron sites as an engineer, I initially just thought some sniper had targeted me for him to see me, but it became obvious he was hacking.

He’s too new to have a cheat score, but his is his link… P-Stats - Player Stats Network


Yep, the majormk cheat-o-meter finally pulled the stats for hahagas… and he is a cheat at 21%… with it rating him at level 13 not the level 18, which it looks like he is currently at.

As for ohmbot… it’s up to you guys to decide. He’s becoming a regular, so it would be worth the check on him. I’m betting he has either texture hack or a tracker, because he brags he’s got keen sight and a steady hand.

As it is, most of the time I never see really good players over 3% on the cheat meter, and these guys usually have 150-200 high pings from the Maylaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong areas. So that says something if ohmbot is getting 80+ percentile headshot kills with 3 different sniper rifles with similar pings as them. His level 36 stat’s are saying he has unsually high kill rates, so I hope you will also.

If nothing else, hahagas is definately a hack.


This server really needs an admin to kick and ban the players who grief and are laggy when they are in the game so the gameplay doesn’t suffer like it usually does.

There were 3, but only 2 of them were doing it with a degree that was aggressively abusive to everyone.

2LT-tamatama and o_battlefield_o


the third was manekinekoduck, and he would grief off and on.


Tokyo game time: 6:30-7pm 8/9/2011

Plz ban them. Thanks.

ps. ur insert image function doesn’t work right.


Another hacker… KORI Love KIMTA was playing 6pm tokyo time 8/10/2011


Another player spotted his name from a previous hacker database from when he’s been banned before. I’m glad he called Kimta out, because he was trying to hide his high kill rate with a sniper score of 67/16 k/d (final score).

Plz ban, Thanks. LR


Another team vehicle killer and griefer is playing as of 11-11:30pm tokyo time, 8/12/2011.


Plz ban. he disregarded the warnings and continued to grief. that team was winning until he started ruining the game for them.

Thanks, LR


our provider deleted a bunch of old logs that showed the GUIDs of connecting players, but supposedly there’s a second set of logs that GUIDs also get written to, so i’ll get to these guys when i have a chance to go through those logs

thanks for the reports




he shoot team-mate helicoptor by AA-gun
and destroy AA-gun by TANK(i was “suicide”)