Abuse of Commands/Confussion

Date: 11/04/2017
Time: 13:56 (GMT-5)
Server: aloha.pk tower of babel
Map: Battlefarm

Today, I entered to the server to play.
After a while, one player with the nickname “,” started griefing the base, sinking the base.
Next, I started building blocks under the base to raise it to the surface, “,” continued griefing.
After that, i got this message:


I waited a whole time because I thought that it was a confusion.
But no, I didn’t get my TB back. And the griefer, he didn’t get a punishment.

There is a list of the players at the moment of the incident


And as you can see in the image appears one thing more: A racist.
And the person that disabled my TB, didn’t disabled the chat of the racist.

How it’s possible that aloha gives ranges if they don’t know how to use them properly?
Is it a good usage to disable commands without evidence or an investigation?
I hope it does not happen again, and I hope too that aloha give me the respective attention to my complaint.

Good afternoon.

hey, sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience. unfortunately i can’t see the messages you’ve tried to show - maybe try reuploading to imgur?
either way, it’s entirely possible we’ll make mistakes and most of the time a simple message to the admins (for example, /admin i wasn’t griefing) will get things sorted out. it doesn’t look like you tried that from the logs i can see, but your building was enabled again nearly 30 minutes before you left. the griefer “,” was disabled from building a little while after you were.

it usually takes a lot for us to mute people. again, i can’t see exactly what you’re referring to, but unless they were spamming or going way overboard with hate speech it’s unlikely any of us would have muted them.
of course it’s a really bad thing to limit the gameplay of a player who has done nothing wrong, and we try hard to avoid it, but sometimes we make mistakes. the best thing to do is let us know about it respectfully (as you have done with this thread, so thank you!)

if this or something similar ever happens again, try letting us know with /admin - you should get a response pretty quickly if any staff are still on the server

message from first image: AgentHank is disabled from building

As for muting, it depends on the admin. I myself am not fond of some chat but I don’t mute unless it starts to become too much or unless I give a few warnings first.

Don’t grief it upsets people, I’ve done it myself a bunch of times without any real gamer repercussions.