About Modifying Message

Due to some abuse of message editing we can no longer edit message after 15 minutes. Looks like this is a kind of problem to many peoples including me.

So, here’s my idea:

Whenever, we’ll edit any post, an edited button will be tacked on and clicking that we’ll get a big gaping window that will show the entire history of the post. I think this would be great, people can’t abuse message editing and we can edit message whenever we want like before! Let me know what you guys think about it.


that’S really good idea

could just archive posts in certain sections (ban appeals, abuse reports) or just individual topics

doesn’t edit history defeat the purpose of post editing though?

anyway, the post edit restriction has now been removed from your account, Titanium

Actually, I think it works out well. That’s just my opinion though. If you look on Facebook, they let you edit all you want, but they have the edit history as well. It lets you make sure you have a good “first impression” if you did make an honest mistake in the original post, autocorrect happened, or if you decided what you said was too harsh or whatever. However, if people are abusing it then someone can just call the person out and be like “you just edited it to say something different” and then people can go click on the person’s original post to see if they really did or not. Or the careful reader/viewer can just check all edits anytime he sees it if he wants to make sure something important wasn’t changed.

all for you torch. all of it



If I recall correctly, there was misuse in a ban appeal.

Lucky Titanium. ;3;

Maybe trusted/staff could have that restriction removed?

That’s a good idea, but it’s basically the “Want to correct a mistake, but you are too late? Well then, get trusted!” thingy.
I would be fine with that, but not sure about the non-trusted/non-staff people.

not really, I think it’s more about fixing small-ish mistakes
having a post history would fix both the issues pointed out in this thread - people can edit posts without being able to abuse the system and hide everything

I second this

Maybe… but i like what Torch and White Guy said

Anyway, thank you very much izzyy!!