abdulkabirsalam is hacking and abusing trusted


I don’t see any cheating in this video honestly. I have spectated this guy several times in the past as well. Haven’t seen him cheat once. Thanks for reporting though.

You can see how he knows where people are before seeing them.
If anyone can chime in from yesterday game, he was hacking for almost two hours straight, making the game less than awesome.

he sees everyone before he shoots them. first guy in that house you could barely see him if you look carefully.

the second time where he preaimed that house a second or 2 earlier the blue could be seen on his screen.

Throughout the video i see no place where he clearly knew where someone when there was no way he shouldn’t.

also aos/os have spectator tools that have esp enabled while spectating (for spectating purposes) so that it would make it easier to determine if he is using esp.