a tip for deuces

i wish i could remember who made this

The killer block is responsible for the massive death streak!

/ban killer block

Some more tips:
Crouching on Ace of Spades decreases the recoil of the weapons. Also, modifying your scopes and textures allows your accuracy to be a lot higher, considering that the scopes tend to be a lot more accurate. 2-block high walls are the key to cover. They give your enemy the disadvantage of only having your head to hit while you have the advantage of hitting him anywhere. Also, crouching behind 2-block high walls allows your enemy to be oblivious of your position. Crouching in the water also decreases your enemies’ chances of hitting you, considering they only have your head to aim at and hit. These tips have helped me in the past on the Aloha servers, and I’m pretty sure they’ll help you.