a short but sweet story

17:13:31 < WindSpirit> hey sorry to bother but can you guys check on #29 on aloha infiltration? 5.0 ratio and 100% accuracy.... thanks 17:13:54 <@Colorpinpoint> hmm 1 sec 17:17:42 < WindSpirit> never mind he left, thanks anyways :D 17:18:47 <@Colorpinpoint> or banned, WindSpirit 17:19:01 < WindSpirit> you got him? 17:19:09 <@Colorpinpoint> Yes, thanks for reporting. 17:19:38 < WindSpirit> haha no thank you for banning :D always good to know us players got good admins :)

makes everyone feel good when a cheater is off the servers.

Thats a nice simple story =D

If only we had this on hallway. But yes, great story :smiley:

Good job. Another hacker banned.

y u posted dat?

great story!

Thats cool. Good to know that there is a cheater off the server.


10/10 would read again.

Yeah I’d like to put my own story in: There was a hacker who basically shot everyone who crossed a certain line in front of our base. I did a /admin and one asked me who it was but, before I could reply, he was already banned.


That was great, probably one of the best short stories I have ever read.
The plot was a masterpiece, absolutely gripping from start to end, I literally could not put it down, I would love to see more like this in they future

I want more.

I thought I would share this too:

I don’t really know if the guy was hacking, but he was being a jerk anyways and I would have votekicked him for griefing.


What server was that on?


I have maybe 5 times. It’s basically TC (Territorial Control) except you have to capture the CPs in order.