a question

the external use of programs to improve some function of the game can be considered cheat? talk about an autoclick or a command that automates a sequence of keys. is something like GlovePie accepted?

First of all this probably belongs in the main ace of spades section as this section is for reporting cheaters.

I am not familiar with GlovePie but it sounds like you are seeing if you can use a controller or joystick instead of mouse/keyboard, correct? I don’t think that would be an issue (other staff please confirm) but from my experience in AoS keyboard/mouse is the best way to play the game.

AFAIK the only thing we do not allow is anything that gives you unfair advantages over other players

I had not paid attention to where I was posting the topic, sorry

about the program:

glovepie is widely used to emulate joysticks and other peripherals, but it can also give commands to the keyboard, for example, I can set a single button to press and repeat a sequence of keys automatically. (use the “e” key to jump and crouch, for example)

I would not advise automating anything in your playing. I have temporarily banned a person for a crouch spamming macro before.

good to know, i won’t use after that