A question about the scopes

I have a question about the scopes in the original ace of spades game; they don’t seem to work properly.

I been using a few skin packs lately, where most of them have an actual scope instead of a aim down sight. Now when i’ve been using them i seen that i miss a lot even tho i aim on a player’s body or head. First i thought the scope dot weren’t exactly where it should be and i was right, it was a little bit below the actual middle of the screen screen, but, this was only for two of them. So, i started recording a video when i was playing and watched when i was done. Aimed perfect on the heads with scope’s dot or cross, still i were missing or hit the body many of the times. Also took a look on them in the photo editor i use, gimp, and that shows the middle of the scope is exactly in the middle in all of the scopes except one. What is this? Is it something that’s wrong with the scope image, the actual game or is is something that’s done by the rifles bullet spread? Or is this something lag related? Now i don’t think so since i were sitting in same place with 195 ping and shooting at people that were standing still and same thing happen.

I can just speculate that it may be, as u said, lag and bullet spread. Or ur Scopes’ dot and cross may be a little too big.
You are probably using scopes which feature a 4 pixel dot/2 pixel wide crosslines so I recommend using a 1 pixel dot scope/1 pixel wide crosslines. Its the most precise a scope can be. However since the the dead center of the screen isnt on top a pixel but in between these 4 pixels you may be wondering which of these 4 pixels to choose from as your dot/center of cross. From my experience its the lower left one. I think that is the pixel your bullets would actually land on if u had no bullet spread.

Another explanation would be the possibility of you using a hacked client and having somehow accidentally jacked up bullet spread factor. I feel like that possibility is quite likely in ur case :stuck_out_tongue:

Scope i been using when i tested this was one i edited to a 2 pixel red dot, that is exactly in the middle. Think myself this was partly caused by lag, and because i found been using a weird screen resolution and the scope image’s place on the screen wasn’t were it should’ve been.