A new trend on Hallway?

Everybody remembers when hotels began to emerge in hallway, but now there is a new thing that I have spotted in the past few days. These mysterious rainbows are carved into the map and are magnificent and very time consuming to make.








Some guys (or one) have (or has) been busy!

Holy crap that is amazing 15/10 would bang

I saw that and its kewl…when I was on the server and a guy did that over the half map and then came the map change:(

damn. you leave hallway for a short while, and this happens


I had no idea that people would spend THAT much time on hallway putting effort into these rainbows, the most I’ve seen was 6 hours.

I rate 100/10…
would be a shame if one they finish it the map change happens :(.

I wonder what server and what creation would be next?

It’s… so… beautiful… o.o

What server was this?

Look at the topic, hallway.

And the one(s) who built this should get a reallife:D

lol wow