A map I would like to submit.

I would like to submit my map "field" to the aloha.pk server.

What is field?
It is a Red VS Blue map, situated on a field with a ridge. You need to build your own cover. Red team occupies the high ground, while blue team occupies the low ground. Capture the flag 10 times to be victorious!

Compatible modes

Screen shots




The folder…

Map_field_settings.zip (6.43 MB)

Honestly this is close to being the Omaha Beach map for the Infiltration server.

Not quite. Omaha beach has obstacles. You need to build your own.

I suggest using the edit button in the future. The Aloha Staff don’t like double posting.

To Seal. Lets take it this way; in addition to my previous post, it is also almost like Pinpoint as well since the map is empty at the start. One top and one bottom - the bottom has a very long way before they reach to the wall of the top platform. When the blue team’s obstacles are destroyed, the green team can rush in and just spawn kill just like in the Lone Tower map.

There could be something to protect the blue spawn in the map so the green can try to destroy that wall before they have an actual advantage but it is a bad idea to leave it empty. I say it can only be good for the TDM maps.

Off topic but omfg you got the same gun as meh.(I think)

Its an M14 EBR. I added a scope.

I don’t see double posting as a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

And for OP: Looks like an interesting map, but the concept already exists in other maps. It’s like a combo of Pinpoint and Omaha Beach. It could be fun, I don’t know. I’m a Pinpoint-lurker, I don’t venture out of there often :stuck_out_tongue:

I know you’re a pinpoint lurker.

Sorry. I saw in one of the ban appeals the appealer double posting and one of one of the admins pointed out the edit button and said not to double post :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone tried the map yet?

Or more importantly…has izzy seen it yet?


As we all know well. I couldn’t drag you into classicgen if I tied you to a pickup and drove you there.

I would like to see a rifle only gamemode with mountains high and low grounds.