a man to that is not really mean what we is think at first??

again hi!

i is on your server again this day. and is hear doctor crank says amen to that is mean this big words in short form:

“Analysis of Multidimensional Entropies from Nonconventional Thermodynamical Operators in Tremendously High Artificial Temperatures”

so is amen to that is not mean what person said before with it is a “engand idiom”?

so what it really mean? what these big words are mean? because if government know i is hack and if might torture me if it know i know this big words… but i not know what it mean so i then cant answer and torture not stop

Looks like just typical Americans taking advantage of poor Korean!

“Amen to that” isn’t an idiom or an acronym at all, Korean. It’s just a standard agent code that prevents the NSA from spying on us. It should be interchangeable with your government’s spyware, so you’re definitely safe as long as you or Doctor Stank keep saying it regularly! A man to that!

It is Kim Jong Un’s new weapon of mass destruction.

First of all please post these kinds of threads in the off-topic/whatever section of the forum


is is not understand. a man to that will stop leader from spy me, but also the leader is use a man to that to destroy us world? :-X how would that a man to that do that???

i is post here because i is read of a man to that on ace of spade game from doctor tank. i is sorry if wrong spot. i is just confuse and need help

Kim Jong Un is a genius computer prodigy who can reverse engineer the “A man to that” program to hack into all the nuclear missiles of the world.