A little forgiveness, another chance: partial purge of AoS bans

we’ve been hosting pyspades servers since late 2011 and over time our dedicated team of admins have issued more than 36,000 bans to cheaters and troublemakers, which has kept the game playable for all of us:

<@Danko> http://i.imgur.com/oG1evev.png

we agreed that most of these bans are now likely irrelevant due to their age, so we’ve decided to forgive the past by removing the oldest and less severe newer bans (thanks to BR for making that easy) as summarized below:

  • all bans issued from late 2011 through December 31, 2013
  • all bans issued this year EXCEPT those that have a reason of “aimbot” or “ESP”

if you were previously banned and fit into the above description then this is your lucky day! :slight_smile: but please don’t take this chance for granted because we remain active and still have record of all old bans that can be crosschecked with present offenses.

post-purge comparison:

<@Danko> izzy-: http://i.imgur.com/P7NL8FK.png

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The fact that Brazil has the most bans reflects the cultural and social aspect of corruption, which is shown not only in politics, but in most brazilians.
Another example is that most of the streets are full of rubbish, it is almost as they litter intentionally!
It is a country fated to fail.

Hooray, i’ve always though USA is number 1 on everything. But not on the ban lists.

Mexico 4th, fuck yeah!

KOREA TOP 10~~~~~~~~~

Woah Gabrui!

Careful with the accusations. Your origin is right up there with the rest of the top offenders. Don’t get all justified on us

Why is there a ban on a random pacific island x’D

I think you don’t understood what I said, maybe I wasn’t that clear. When you said “us”, are you brazilian?

looks like new caledonia.

I don’t think that’s what he meant, Pun.

Brazil is member of BRICS, one of the five major emerging national economies, alongside Russia and China. Brazil will be fine.

Billions of dollars were robbed in just ONE Government-owned corporation. Public security is fail (at least not worse than some Central America countries xD), just in the city I am currently living (about 2 million inhabitants), 70 to 80 murders are registered each day, the streets are full of litter and holes.

And besides that, BRICS is another failure, it doesn’t work for nothing, there are NO trade agreements! Recently a creation of a bank has been planned, but is almost irrelevant.



Brazil man… That is why I have seen a lot of server hosters block the Brazil IP range.

phew no ban in vietnam

I think The Netherlands is part of Germany in your statistics?

I think everyone banned from 2013> evaded or left AoS anyways

Even so,there are a lot of people who have no morals at all…
They do not think cherish Aloha.pk :frowning:

Thx 8)

no, pls no.

Sorry nope for you. Not unbanned