A gift for you from us because every gamer should experience The Ship!

it’s an online 32 player stealthy assassin-like pvp fps where each player is assigned a victim who he has to hunt down while watching his own back so he doesn’t get murdered by his attacker. attacking someone who isn’t your victim or attacker pretty much turns you into duck soup unless you’re super sneaky. patience is key! makes for some serious fun and intense gameplay.

there’s a deal on Bundle Stars right now… only $1 per key which includes 2 extra giftable copies:
keys are limited so if you can afford to buy 1 or 2 or more, grab them now before it’s too late.

i already purchased 6 keys, which is 18 copies… so if you want a copy just reply here with your Steam ID and join our Steam group while you’re at it: Steam Community :: Group :: aloha player killers

if you purchase a key or receive a key that has 2 extra copies, please help gift them to other people who request a copy here.

and be sure to reply here if you receive a copy or gift a copy so we know who still hasn’t received a copy. thanks, have fun!

unfulfilled requests:


Thanks so much izzy!

Well, you should already have my ID by now.

Got it, thanks!

My ID is Monstarules .-. pretty straightforward

Wow, looks very fun! Thanks for this!

EDIT: Thank you so much! I got a copy from CapRex. Thanks to everyone!

Monky: check your msgs/gift receipts
Monsta: check your friend invites

(all courtesy of izzy of course)

Terrapieseven kthx

I can has da ship pls

TY for giving me, if ya did… I’d like to try this out ever since this was a GoldSource mod.




eight, done.




Sent one to you, altoids

Sent one copy to Chirag!

Lol I just kill everyone

I would be very happy if someone sent me a key.



Sent one to Anonymous (once he accepts friend request)

my steam ID is mtvesuvius52 …

Is it too late? :o



Sent one copy to Xpert658!

Sent once you accept friend request

Received the game! Thanks!