A fresh Build and Shoot

in case you haven’t noticed, Build and Shoot has quietly relaunched with an all-new design:


* this is a full resolution screen shot - actual appearance will vary by device

please check it out and share your thoughts. the forums are still inaccessible, but will soon be live from a September 2016 backup.

looking good

Looks pretty good.

Elegant and a very good job

That’s what it used to be before it went down lol.

The forums are not working yet though, I hope they didn’t remove everything.

No it looked something like this: Play ♠ BuildAndShoot.com ♠ Ace of Spades Classic / OpenSpades ♠ Free!

all forum data will be restored from a September 2016 backup.

Yes, then they changed it to the one is up now and it went down after about 2 weeks. This relaunched one is the same one that was there just before it went down.

They were probably testing it out

Very cool :smiley:

I need that backup now because I’m craving for soundmods

Yeahh it look cool
Ps: that ads is from Philippines
Coincidence? I think not…