A few thoughts...

Don’t know how many times has this been mentioned before, but apparently it didn’t help change anything, so ima just gonna go ahead and say this again…

I’ve seen topics regarding suggestions for the zombies server - it certainly needs improvements.

First thing that brings my piss to a boil is the shotgun - isn’t it like the #1 zombie apocalypse weapon? Yeah yeah, you need plenty o’ bullets, herpa derpa…
But it feels intentionally nerfed. It deals like 5-6% dmg to the zombie with each shot even at closest possible range.
I suggest 300 damage to the head if all pellets hit. So in the heat of the battle a rather precise shot at close to medium range would deal about 100-150 dmg. Seems to much? Read on.

The semi isn’t of much use as well. If I’m not mistaken it takes like 10 headshots to bring down a zombie - that’s an entire magazine. Not to mention it’s impossible to hit a moving zombie in the head 10 times in a row. So the damage on this one also needs to be improved. My suggestion - 140 damage to the head, 90 torso, 70 limb.

SMG… hate this so much. Weapon designed for the ultimate noobs… shame though, as everyone is using it, you can’t really do much with another weapon unless you’re a pro. Especially when there’s multiple opponents. With the head being 1/3 of your body and 1/2 while crouched, 75 dmg for headshots is just way too much.

Nerf that shiz. Nerf it good. I know it takes about 20 headshots to bring down a zombie. You can just crouch and spam bullets to their heads as they run in a straight line towards you. Too easy. I suggest bring the damage down by 50%, or at least 30%. So even 30 headshots won’t kill a zombie, but since everybody’s using this it’ll still be effective. Staying close together as humans is a part of the strategy and it’s not hard to find groups of SMG campers on the map.

And for the key improvement… make zombies 10-15% faster than humans. It’s so damn easy to get away from the zombies. You try to chase a human, he sprints away and his teammates take you down. Not fun.

Recently the server has been nearly dead, so it won’t hurt to apply those changes, at least for just a while to see how it turns out. Zombies definitely will need be more fun to play, as every time I join this server zombies are outnumbered greatly. I was once the only zombie against 5-6 peeps, that’s sick.

You could make them even faster and even stronger and turn this into a survival server… maybe with some different maps. The standard ones make it too easy to travel unnoticed.

Even if the weapon stats seem too high, you have to remember that people barely play on this server, so there won’t be 10 shotgunners coming at you.

Another thing is votekicks. The amount of votes required is unrealistic. It’s no secret that the average AoS player is a mentally challenged 5 year old kid who can’t type /y when it sees a cheater. I’ve been in many situations where a cheater was mowing everybody down, nobody started a votekick, nobody would vote after I started one and nobody would even say anything on the chat. Can you imagine what kind of person would behave in that way in that situation?

The votes are NEVER successful. Sure, there’s plenty of unreasonable ones, but they always require 10+ votes to pass through, so you don’t need to worry about innocents being kicked after you decrease the number of required votes. CallofLiberty’s got it right. You need like 50% of what you need on aloha to kick somebody, yet it sometimes still is a challenge to kick some douche bag out.

The bans last like 15-30 minutes anyway. And if they don’t, they could after the amount of needed votes gets decreased.

I’m sure it’s worth giving a try, even for a few days/weeks.

Not sure if the player speed can be changed, but if they can make tanks that move faster than the player (I think), maybe they can do that too.

And weapon stats/votekick suggestions could be applied to other servers, especially the arenas. Obviously the damage won’t be as I suggested for the zombies, lol.

Not really doable without some sort of teleport-forwards power for zombies. Best we could do is maybe prevent humans from sprinting.
In my opinion, the reward for capturing intel as a zombie greatly outweighs any of the downfalls as playing as a zombie.
Over all though, zombies is Dany0’s script and I don’t think anyone who has the ability to make these changes also has the motivation to do so, regardless of whether they’re good ideas or not.

Besides that, I don’t think we’ll be making any major changes to gameplay for the normal servers (arena, babel, hallway or pinpoint) in the foreseeable future. Balancing weapons is hard enough, it’s nearly impossible to do it right when so many variables are client-side (RoF, spread, recoil, ammo). I wouldn’t hold your breath for any major gameplay changes in the popular servers.

The human-zombie thing was great until they became as frail as humans. You can easily wait for a zombie near their tent and kill them just after they’ve captured the intel.

As for the weapons, I don’t think you have to change the stats you mentioned. The WWII server (hasn’t been running lately) and the StormWind clan server (entirely dead now I think) had different weapon damage. At least the SW one said it had, I didn’t really notice any difference.

There’s nothing you can do about the semi outside zombies server as 2 shots to kill would be too easy. But the damn SMG needs to be nerfed, it’s stupidly strong.

If you don’t want to make any changes on old servers you could host new experimental ones, instead of those nobody plays on, like the parkour thing and football.