A Cool Reload Trick (Very Good)

Since the new update,i have injoined using the smg and semi-rifle.By when i went on the aloha free for all server,I found a nice trick for getting out of situations. When you want to reload,press r(or button to reload) then sprint away.The sprinting wont cancel the reload so you just cancel your sprinting right before the gun finishes reloading.That will make you a fast fireing and moving target. Enjoy! ;D

ah yes good tip i have been doing this recently too

I remember back when reloads went through even if you switch to blocks/nades/spade. Those were some OP days :smiley:
Well then again, we couldn’t sprint…pick your poison I guess.

Nice tip, though this doesn’t help much for a sniper.
I can see it being mighty useful in arena though.

This still works for me…

Wait WHAT…seriously?
For me, it cancels the reload if I switch mid-reload. I need to wait for the reloading to finish.

You can press ‘R’ and then switch to spade and back.

Also a cool tip:
When using the shotgun, hold “R” after you shoot everytime. This’ll allow you to have full ammunition without having to take the time of reloading.