A Child is annoying me :/

Hi Aloha Community
I know i am not the super trust person,but please trust me.
An ace of spades Player is annoying me and abuse to me.he start to make votekick against me,with the reason hacker again and again…
On the screens you can see that i am not Hacking :frowning:
The Player name is Link,please when an admin see him,can he say him that i am not an ,Fucker noob Hacker"
It was started on Aloha.pk Tower of Baber EU from 14.30 to 15 43

I’m pretty sure there’s an !ignore command or something. I don’t remember what exactly or how it works. Maybe someone can chime in.

8x ??
There is no !ignore afaik and !deaf doesn’t make you deaf to player chatting.

Beppy: Try to report at irc next time, or even abuse report section, we are obviously too late to stop him from abusing.

Deaf. That’s what I was thinking of.

If !deaf doesn’t make you deaf to player chatting, what exactly does it do?

The guy hacks,he writ it to me in an skype chat (i made an screenshot of it)
I edit the names etc,because of private things

You know that red server chat, the ones that say mahalo, nextmap:, etc. /deaf blocks all that out, including your own commands, such as /ratio and /votekick