a bug

the image explains itself,

what’s the problem? looking at your screen shot i would have concluded that the platform disappeared, but i just joined the server which was still on the same map and the platform actually is there:

did you try rejoining the server?

actually when i joined the game the platform fell into pieces. It was there for about 2 seconds

Oh good, I’m not the only one that’s experienced this problem… ;D

As you can see, I was viewing the players walking on the platform, which was non-existent! This has only happened once for me; it’s not a reoccurring problem. Simple fix: rejoin the server. The platform will reappear immediately. Thanks for bringing this up pedro. If this happens more often, we will definitely look for the glitch causing this problem. Happy playing! :slight_smile:


y u dee stroy he4vens?

I also experienced this bug once. What did you do this time ei8htx :frowning:

I get blamed for everything, even when I’m not around or never touched it!