7 Tips for becoming a better player

Hi all,
Here is seven tips I’ve learned over time in Ace of Spades.

1: Know your weapon
Make sure you know what you can and cannot do with your weapon.
Rifle is long to mid range.
SMG is mid range.
Shotgun is close to mid range.
Choose the weapon which fits your playing style best.

2: Practice with the scope
Practice either getting quick and accurate movements for rifle scope usage.
Practice keeping the scope level with smg usage.
Practice returning the scope to original position with speed on shotgun.

3: Use skins to enhance the game play
Sometimes the sight is not good, especially the OpenSpades rifle sight.
Replace the sights with something that works for you.
A better sight should help improve your aim.

4: Be aware
It is very important to check around the map.
Also be aware of flanking from other players.
It usually is a good practice to make a quick check when in tunnels too.

5: Don’t always go for easy
The only way to improve is to get to the level of someone who is better than you.
Play against better players and you’ll improve.
Also feel free to ask for tips from better players as well.

6: Use commands
Use /ratio every once in a while to see how your ratio is and see how you can improve it.
The /an [your name here] is a very useful command and tells you how well your accuracy is.
This helps with getting your aim better as you’ll know when your shots hit and how accurate they are.

7: Enjoy the game
If you are getting annoyed or something is really bothering you, it’s better to leave than vent your frustrations and anger at players.
It’s a game and it’s meant for fun and enjoyment, not how mad you can get at players. :stuck_out_tongue:
You’ll tend to do far better if you’re calm and simply enjoying the game.


Or just play the game for 6 years, it might help :wink:

Yeah, I agree with Atrian. Experience definitely improves you in the long run.

Another tip: try going precise aim first then slowly increase to flicks and such.

Another tip I have (Depending on game mode and map) is to press M to view the map and watch where bullets come from so you can spot snipers - so hopefully you don’t die