64 player slot

It is said that with the new update 64 slot servers will be available. Will we be uping the slot count to any Aloha servers?
Pinpoint with 64 people would be ridiculously crazy fun and Humans VS. Zombies would be super fun.


yes of course!


Me seeing title: :slight_smile:
Me seeing izzy’s responce: :smiley:
Me thinking about the carnage to come: ;D

Oh dear, now I need to learn to type /togglebuild TWICE as fast.

but the update might not come in the next update, im not sure


Now I’ll be able to kills twice as much players!!! ;D

Presumably, the number of AFKers is pretty much constant. Thus, the teams will get less clog.

Twice as many everything so it will be the same as 32 just doubled,meaning same equation just doubled nothing to fret over.

on servers with 10 or so people, AFK is around 5. On maxed servers, AFK is around…6.

I was relating to the comments about more griefers,but I am sure there would be more afks.

With AFKS we still have the script that Izzy made if they are AFK for more than 10min they are kicked… just reminding! Hopefully they will let the maps be bigger because that TONS way more people!

According to an interview with Ben, he doesn’t plan on increasing the map size, just the player slots. He also said the implementation of boats, tanks, and/or helicopters. ;D

In my opinion i dont like that new feature,why if you would ask? think of it guys,more slots is more fun,more slots more lags.But if it is tank they are adding SIGN ME UP!! ;D ;D ;D

There’s not really going to be a lot of lag added.

When they add 64 players they are also adding client-side interpolation. Not quite sure what that means but what I gather from it is that the clients will be used a bit to reduce clog on the servers. Which means less lag.

More client involvement = higher hack chance

And that is why I believe all the ammo and health values should be server side, not client.

That wouldn’t help at all.

The hacker would just make it so AoS didn’t send a shoot packet.

Or the hacker could just send a packet that says you are at the med tent.

But that makes it harder than to change the values in the client side. Not everyone know how mess with the packets.