64 Player Babel - The Reason We Need To Make Voxlap Outdated

We all have to admit that voxlap has not been updated.
Currently there is two major replacements for it which exist for some time.
This is BetterSpades and OpenSpades.

Why is voxlap still being supported and no moves are being made to remove support for it in the future?
It prevents us from expanding and updating and enhancing modes.
Imagine teams of 32vs32… on babel… if we start to make the move to desupport voxlap.

Better authentication can be made, so no more of the /login issue…
Instead we just join and we’re logged in if we want to…

There is a massive amount of enhancements which can be made to the game and actually implement game modes are a mode instead of a cheap hack.

Lets make the move and move towards OpenSpades and BetterSpades and Piqueserver.
We can do this by slowly limiting servers to OpenSpades/BetterSpades.
Maybe 1 per month and on the servers which get the least number of players per month.
Little by little the move can be made.


Both clients already have support for this, it depends on server owners to enforce it (which is unlikely atm).
Voxlap is still the most played client, so dropping support is a huge risk.

We would need to make players aware and also those that don’t visit the forums (some don’t even know they exist),
that only the new clients can be used to play; this could be done with a large banner on top of the server list.