5th CLAN v. UBGE/All

Hello! We’d like to invite everyone to participate in the event that is taking place this Sunday August 21, 15h00 BRT, in our Clan Server. It will be a match to celebrate our newest partnership with UBGE and everyone is welcome to participate!

It’s a 5th CLAN v. All, a very common play mode that used to happen a lot back in the day and works like this: one team will be locked and only 5th CLAN members will be able to join it; the other one will be open to everyone and that’s pretty much it.


Mode: CTF
Time: 20 minutes per map or 5 caps
Map pool: Plateu, Drift Ice 2, Icecraft, CRUMB, Newfort, AnticBridge, BattleOfBlockland, 1river2forts, Assault2. random rotation

We’ll be waiting for you!