2 suggestions regarding outdated client script (plz read if you are an admin)

noticed two unfortunate things that can easily be fixed:

1: when the server kicks someone for having an outdated client (openspades), it does not appear to tell them why they are being kicked. these people tend to attempt to join several times, clearly having no idea why they are being kicked. i would not be surprised if most of these people just give up and not bother playing this game.

easy fix: change the script to notify them why they are about to get kicked, then kick after 10 seconds or smth

2: openspades 0.0.12 smg is very broken yet this client is still allowed, might be a good idea to stop allowing it (but only after addressing the first problem)

I would assume the ban/kick messages are still limited since we are still using classic 0.75 and pysnip as the base systems. Classic 0.75 can only be told iirc BANNED or KICKED in the message that pops up when a player is banned or kicked from the server. I’m not sure if a different message could be pushed to openspades clients and i’m not sure if OS can have more detailed messages. Since atm we want to keep classic 0.75 clients then we’re limited to what we can do.

I assume the script (if one is used) could be updated to not kick but maybe disable killing/building/etc and send a /pm to the player that they are using an outdated client and to be able to play need to update to the latest version.

As for number 2: i’m not entirely sure what versions of OS there are. I myself do not use the latest version iirc because i’m using DD’s modded client.

yes i suggest having the server private message the person to update client then kicking them a couple seconds later

Not only the SMG is broken, also the shotgun, although it is better to call it a rifle, because they are practically the same, the recoil in OS is unbalanced at 0.0.12, it should be at least fixed, but I doubt it very much.

So that is why all the perfect aim SMG and Shotguns have proliferated lately.