1st post and its just a suggestion

aloha.pk intel rpg

Its fun until you find out its hard to get the intel and if you do your powers don’t last!

I captured 3 intels in 30 minutes and always shortly after I die!

Its called IRPG but you always die :frowning:

I am suggesting you make the power permanent or make them last longer than 1 death!

Also to all those noobs maybe we should make it so you can redeem kills for powers?

Just for those noobs :slight_smile:

Anyways I am new to these forums and I am going to make a sig avatar and then appeal for admin (I can see it) well anyways

~Good night!

I’m pretty sure that powers survive through deaths…at least, it did when I was playing.

You do keep your powers lol

no you dont anymore, izzy and danko updated irpg

Now it sounds like the whole concept of powers is really useless, especially with deadly dice hanging aorund.

There are level 1 level 2 level 3 powers but its impossible to get 2 powers or get a higher level power without dieing :confused:

That game is impossible

Danke is updating the script again, it will be easier to level up soon…

izzy@Thanks for the info!