10,000 posts

we just hit 10,000 forum posts! big number woohoo! :stuck_out_tongue: many thanks to the 433 of us who contributed posts. remember; quality, not quantity… ::slight_smile:


Well, those eight page long ban reports helped lol, I think that falls under quantity, and not quality

I am in the top ten posters 8)

Watch out, I am going for the top spot. Without spamming.

mfw I has almost as many posts as izzy.

Wat doing with life.





Big aloha has gotten! 10,000 posts! That’s amazing, wow! I’m so glad to be apart of this. Thanks izzy!

It just struck me, did you manually count this?

It also appears a guy named “test” is a global moderator. http://aloha.pk/index.php?action=mlist;sort=registered;start=0

I helped, so therefor I feel special. Where is my medal and tiker tape parade?

Me AEM and reki all registered the same day,now try and find which one of us over posts.


That’s probably an account that Izzy used to test certain user permissions.

BTW, grats on 10.000 posts! :smiley:

How do you find this out?


excuse the language, but, defuq is with that guys post?

A World of Warcraft gold selling agent on an Ace of Spades/ BF3 and other thread?

I vote for this guy to get banned from the forums. #Spamisbad

I was wondering i you could make a ctf were all of the commands work so it would be an all command ctf :slight_smile: