1.8 Update is out

Hey, so I think I got all the bugs out of the 1.8 update. Everything should be working fine and dandy now.

Only issue is your /home locations are gone. So you need to do a new /home. This also means all the $ you had was wiped - I will pay you back if you guys get anxious.

Other than that, everything should be working properly.

Good Job Froe! Glad you decided to keep it down and work the kinks out instead of reverting back… I will login tomorrow. Will there be a new dynamap address soon too?

Dynmap is a WIP - as in I know it’s being updated for 1.8 so I’ll just wait for that instead of using a workaround.

And thank BR, he fixed the biggest problem.

Another problem I’ve found, which is seemingly causing huge amounts of lag, is stats seem to be broken.

Some stats from 1.7 didn’t convert to 1.8 properly or something. I think simply deleting the stats (so they start over in 1.8) fixes the issue.

Hopefully none of you mind too much about that.

Dynmap is technically updated for 1.8, but according to the developer it’s broken…So I’m gonna wait some time before installing it.