1.5 Update

Should I update to 1.5 immediately, or should I wait for an announcement or something?

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If you want to play on Aloha, it’s still 1.4.7, so don’t update. If you don’t care, update. Also, reguarding the 1.5 update itself, It’s awesome! I’ve tried it out and it’s so fun.

When we update the server to 1.5 it will mean we’ve fully released the server. I’m not sure on how long it will take for all out plugins to update, but hopefully soon!

I am not gonna play 1.5 much, why? Optifine not on it and none of my favorite servers run it (besides the ShotBow network).

Yes Optifine is on it. Obviously not many servers are running it because Bukkit hasn’t updated yet.

I’ve been curious. What’s the difference between Optifine Ultra, Standard, and Light? They only have ultra for 1.5 as of right now.

I think Ultra is the combo of all of them or something,
Standard is like the basic-ish one, without multi-core, AA, or anything else
and Light is a stripped down version of standard, with even less options?

And of course I would expect Ultra to “give” more FPS than standard or light.

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I’m afraid to say you’re incorrect.

Optifine Ultra has multicore chunk loading, AA and Antisoptric filtering for Minecraft. Basically it’s much laggier than say Optifine or Optifine light but it looks nicer and still runs better than vanilla Minecraft (most of the time).

Optifine Standard is just your standard Optifine. It improves FPS and provides support for HD Texture Packs/Random Mobs/A ton of other things.

Optifine Light is a very stripped down version of Standard, it improves FPS to the max. In fact, I would many times get in excess of 80 FPS when using it. It doesn’t have zoom, and doesn’t support HD Textures. Nor does it support Forge/Modloader/Any other mods. This is really only useful for very old computers.

On the topic of multicore loading for Optifine, I’ve always wondered if they meant logical or physical cores. Anyone know what should I do for 1 physical core hyperthreaded as 2 logical ones?

It uses logical cores, but I don’t see the point of making 1 physical core 2 logical cores. It still works just as fast.

seems like it was the opposite of what i said… lol i feel like a fail newb… but then again i AM a newb :smiley:

gonna try light right now to see the effects :slight_smile:

EDIT: Once light edition comes out anyways

Anyway, I’ve been testing the 1.5 beta version. Pretty buggy so far, so much for a Friday release. Maybe next Friday.

Update it, don’t update it, it doesn’t matter because you can always downgrade by getting the 1.4.7 jar, then upgrade by going to the [option] button on the launcher/login page. Click force update to go back to 1.5.

For some reason with 1.5 there is a type of lag I’ve never seen before where when I place a block, it’ll register it’s there (It’s invisible) but it will actually take a few seconds before it appears.

1.x releases are hilariously buggy until ~1.x.3 or so, so I’d be surprised if our server’s gonna be up any time soon.

Ya’ll most wish they wouldn’t release them :confused:

To be honest, I think 1.2.5 was the most “successful” update, but 1.4.7 was pretty good as well.

1.7.3 beta, the best release ever.

We will wait for 1.5.1, 1.5 has far to many bugs.

About how many years ago was 1.7.3 beta?

Sadly, the magic of minecraft with my buddies kinda faded shortly before the nether was SMP’d…I recall the funtimes me and two friends had establishing a base of operations and scrambling for food the first few days.