[SCRIPT] Pubovl.py, Hidden Spectators

this pique script allows you to spectate players without their knowledge.
updated :
this now works for all clients!!! Thank u so much DryByte (DryByte (sByte) · GitHub) for fixing the script <3

“/ovl” to turn pubovl on/off
"/ovl ‘player’ " to turn pubovl on/off for another player

updated :
the script now uses create_player packets entirely instead of change_team. This allows all clients to be able to use pubovl. the forementioned packet is only sent to u, so for everyone else it looks like u didnt join the spectator team and r still in either blue or green/red.
Thus u r able to spectate a cheater without alerting them of ur presence. this is very useful for staff as cheaters may hide their cheats when they r aware of the presence of a spectator.