[GUIDE] aloha.pk Suggestion Box

December 14, 2021

Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box is a place for any member of the community to submit a proposal for any aloha.pk improvement that they would like to see happen! Some examples of possible proposals include but are not limited to:

How does it work?
If you have a proposal, simply create a new topic in the suggestion box and include a clear explanation of your idea, as many details as you can, and any problems you think may arise if your proposal is implemented. The suggestion box also has a voting feature for members to express support for an idea. You have a limited number of votes, though, so use them wisely! The aloha.pk staff will keep a close eye on proposals and will take the next step if there’s agreement that it’s a good idea.

If and when a proposal is taken to the “next step,” the aloha.pk staff will discuss the proposal and work on its implementation in private and/or public. The thread will not be moved from the suggestion box, but the staff may reply to the proposal with updates when possible. Everyone, not only staff, is highly encouraged to reply and offer their opinion in suggestion box proposals. The more people contributing to these ideas, the better this system works!

Why is this system important?
If we utilize the suggestion box to its fullest extent, we’ll be able to implement an incredible amount of new content, features, and improvements into the servers/community. One of the best aspects of this system is that it accepts the smallest of proposals up to the largest of proposals (we need both). Also, whether you’re a new or old member of the community, your proposal could bring about positive change. We believe community members offer great insight into areas of the community that might need attention that the staff may be unaware of. The suggestion box should help with communicating these insights so action can be taken and improvements can be made!