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Re: DarkS Appeal MoDeR,

Muchas gracias por darme una nueva oportunidad, empezaré de nuevo en esta comunidad. Está claro que no voy a evadir una prohibición de 1 mes en comparación con una prohibición permanente. Nos vemos en 1 mes en los servidores de aloha.

Gracias, DarkS.

October 11, 2020, 07:37:11 PM HST
Re: Is racism prohibited? it seems not. Hi aspirador!  I wasn't going to respond to this thread because I didn't think I really understood what was happening- but I think I do now.   

To begin with, I appreciate that you brought this up and started this discussion.  Everyone on aloha should feel included and have an enjoyable time, and it seems like you're not- so we need to fix that. 

While Demon's reply holds some truth, I think a few things do need to be specified.  Aloha doesn't have a list of rules that everyone needs to follow, but action is taken against anything that clearly oversteps the line.  There are a few flaws to this system, but it allows the staff to be flexible when it comes to diverse and unique situations while also letting considerate players to feel comfortable to speak their mind without being censored.  A list of rules would need to be constantly adjusted with more specific cases, such as this one, which is why we believe our current system is the best choice.

SO, with all of that being said, it seems to me like we need to utilize this system- and it will actually be rather straightforward.  Many people, including me (but not that I've ever used the word), and also allegedly Cristal, did not understand the true meaning behind that word.  While that is an excuse to use it in a past, it is not an excuse to use it from now on.   If Cristal is seen using that type of language again, there will be consequences for him- mainly involving his trusted status.  He has been made aware of this.

Please feel free to report the use of that word to the aloha staff.  Now that we understand the cultural meaning behind it, we would be more than willing to take action against it.  Let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification.


February 06, 2021, 09:26:03 AM HST
Hallway Server Launch Event aloha.pk Hallway Server Launch Event

We've been busy revamping the hallway server with new maps, scripts, and a brand new gamemode- TDM/CTF!
Spoiler for New Server Features:
  • The new TDM/CTF gamemode, paired with reverse onectf, creates competitive, intense, and fast paced matches!  Read on for more info regarding how this gamemode works!

  • There is a brand new map rotation featuring two new maps created by Mile!

  • Infinite blocks are still activated!  The script logic, however, has been revised to remove the annoying grenade count messages.  Players will now have their blocks refilled when their block count dips under 5 blocks.

  • The glow and imger scripts have been added to hallway!  Light up the server with glowing blocks and place down your favorite /emote!

  • Tent spawn positions are no longer dynamic.  Both tents will spawn in the same spots each round to allow each team to build impressive defenses to prevent the enemy from capping the intel in their tent.

  • The server map time limit is set to 12 hours to allow for the beautiful map destruction that everyone knows and loves.  However, the server is also set to change the map every 10 match wins (1 match win= reaching kill limit or capping intel).

How does the new gamemode work?
Spoiler for TDM/CTF Instructions:
  • There are two ways to win a match in TDM/CTF:  Reaching your team's kill limit (100 kills) before the enemy team does OR capping the intel once - both ways will win the match for your team.

  • Capping the intel is a difficult task, however.  Reverse onectf is activated, which means you need to cap the intel in the ENEMY tent.  The intel is also reset to the middle of the hallway when the player who's carrying it is killed.

  • Since tents will spawn in the same place each match, it's a good idea to build a defensive structure around your tent to prevent someone from capping the intel!

  • The map will change once the time limit has been reached (12 hours) OR 10 matches have been played.

To celebrate this server launch, we'll be holding an all day event!

When8/1/2021 starting at 12PM UTC
Wherealoha.pk hallway server status page
What to bring:  No presents, please- but bring skill (it's going to be needed  :o)

Please vote in the poll above to choose which map you think should be played during the event! 
Leave a reply below to let us know that you'll be there!

July 24, 2021, 12:08:41 PM HST